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Welcome! My name is John Thomas and I have a BSc Honours and PhD in chemistry from the University of Wales in the UK. I have taught senior chemistry for over 40 years (scary), the last fifteen of which have been in an independent college in Queensland on the Gold Coast. I currently teach the Queensland ATAR syllabus exclusively and have done since its inception in 2018.
My daughter was one of my students until last year and she suggested I produce a website with resources and videos to help students understand the challenging concepts that chemistry poses. These resources and videos are specific to the Queensland syllabus and designed to prepare you for the external exams. To assist you I will cover the syllabus in order of topic, and emphasise those things that examiners love to test.
Incidentally, if you live in another state or another country, they can help you too as chemistry is chemistry the world over and most of the topics are the same. If my resources and videos do not cover content that you would like to see or need help with, please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to help you.
I hope my site helps you. Please feel free to comment if there is anything you wish to ask. Let's get started!

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